The Melancholy Moon

The Melancholy Moon

by Glenda C. Manus - include a complimentary bookmark from the author.
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    Funny, witty Casandra Phillips has become cynical by necessity. It's the only way she can put a wall around her vulnerable heart. Jilted by her husband for another woman, she now faces what she calls " the Big C" diagnosis. Her faith has reached a low point. Cassie's independent side thinks she can go it alone in her illness, but when she starts wilting away and losing weight, her big sister steps in and sweeps her away under the guise of a summer vacation in order to care for here as she recovers. Little does Cassie know that mystery and danger will become familiar companions in this otherwise sleeply little seaport town, especially after she meets the handsome and mysterious neighbor living next door. Is he a drug smuggler, or is it her writer's imagination working overtime that makes her think so? Whoever he is, his blue eyes have cast a spell upon her heart. Just when it appears he's equally smitten with her, things go terribly awry when imported drugs from South America, greed, and bad judgement threatens to tear their worlds apart. Finding God again may be the only thing that can save her.


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