Patches, from Litter #1 of Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Petra Pechova in 2018.  She sits atop a Bob Doster pedestal just outside of the playground at Stevens Park and is a reminder to all of how important to the heart and soul the arts are, and just how vibrant the arts can make us all.

Speaking on Patches, Petra said:

"When I think of South Carolina, I automatically think of sunshine first, and I think that very same sunshine is the reason why my color perception changed after moving here.  I never used to like bright colors which obviously changed.  When I saw the picture of the statue, I already knew what he should look like.  I love that Lancaster chose dogs for this project, because dogs are close to my heart too, we have a lab mix which we rescued ten years ago, which is where the heart on the dog came from.  And that's how Patches got her name, too!"


201 W. Gay Street

PO Box 613

Lancaster, SC 29721



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