Abbey Hunter is a student artist, and when her dog Orion was installed, she was not available to speak at that time.  She did however send over this notice to the Lancaster County Council of the Arts.  Speaking about Orion, she said:

"As much as I wish I were here I am currently taking exams. But, I would like to say that Orion is one of my biggest accomplishments as a young artist. And I am truly honored to be one of the ten artists who got to be a part of this. You may be wondering where my inspiration for the space theme came from. Well I would love to say it’s because of Charles Duke. Who attended our very own Lancaster High School in 1950, and went on to be the tenth and youngest person to walk on the Moon. However, that, in the words of Bob Ross, was a happy accident. The truth is that I find my best work comes when I go with my first instinct, so that’s what I did. It was definitely worth staying up till 4 o’clock in the morning on a school night to finish. But, don’t tell my teachers I said that."


201 W. Gay Street

PO Box 613

Lancaster, SC 29721



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