Jacket, from Phase I of Paws on Parade, was painted by local Kristina Humphries-Ray in 2018. He is located at the Van Wyck Community Center. 

Kristina Humphries-Ray is an Art Teacher at Buford Middle School, and her love of art started with her grandmother, who taught her the joy in art through after-school crafting.


She received her undergraduate degree in Art Education from USC, and her Masters in Art Education from Converse College.


Speaking on her design, she says “the ability to be raised in Buford has been a blessing and when I was asked to incorporate the community of Buford in my design, I knew that I would include the old water tower.  The water tower was something that all natives of Buford could remember fondly.  Most Buford Alumni could tell you a story of meeting at the Buford Little General each morning before school and walking out to see the Old Tower behind the elementary school, it was part of our landscape.”


201 W. Gay Street

PO Box 613

Lancaster, SC 29721




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