Fetch, the first from Litter #1 of Paws on Parade, was painted by local artist Dianne Mahaffee in 2018.  He inhabits AJ State Park and resembles the spirit of Lancaster County.

Speaking on Fetch, Dianne says:

"The Paws On Parade project was a challenge because each artist starts with a stark white dog. I was delighted to do the lab because I immediately saw potential with creativity. I wanted to make the dog connect with the viewer. So, first I painted him black because I once had a black lab. Then, I wanted to connect with Lancaster County as our red rose city. Even though red roses are one of the hardest flowers to paint, I knew I had to incorporate that into the design but in a way that connects to the dog, thus the overlapping. I love it when dogs wear clothes, so I wanted a vest types sweater but with implied texture. I always try to include texture in most of my artworks. Then, I wanted to have something very unexpected added to Fetch. So, to make Fetch even more interesting and lovable, I added a 'sack of snacks'. You guessed it, bones for treats. Finally, to make Fetch even more 'artsy', I incorporated 'dog words' up and down one leg. Yes, Fetch was born and raised in Lancaster County, just like me."


201 W. Gay Street

PO Box 613

Lancaster, SC 29721




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